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What Are IQ Scores Used For?

            There are many uses for an IQ Test score in today’s society.  Here, we will describe the three most common uses, but there are many more uses that are not mentioned here.


1.    IQ Test scores are used to test children to determine if they have a learning disability or if they are gifted and should receive more advanced classes.  Often, if a child is performed better or worse than expected in school, many teachers and administrators will request that the child takes and IQ Test to determine their logical and reasoning capabilities.  A low score will often indicate that the child has a learning disability and will provide the parents and teachers with the input needed to provide extra tutoring or special learning environments.  A higher score will sometimes lead to the child being placed in advanced classes or even skipping a grade in school.


2.    In addition to testing children, IQ Tests are used to test adults in many work environments.  For a while, the Army used IQ Tests to test potential applicants and many private industry employers also use IQ Tests to help determine which individuals possess the correct skills for a particular role.


3.    Lastly, many IQ Tests are taken purely for information and entertainment value.  Scores are used for comparison with friends and family as well as with the general population.  A score within the top two percent, for example, will gain you acceptance into the Mensa organization – a social club for highly intelligent people.

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