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What to Expect When Taking An IQ Test

            You’ve decided to take an IQ Test – congratulations!  Whether you are taking it for fun or for a more serious purpose, it’s always best to know what you are getting into ahead of time.  While there are some differences between IQ Tests around the world, they often share some of these common characteristics.


An IQ Test is often comprised of only multiple choice questions – none of those scary essays like the SAT tests have.  The questions will usually try to test your logic and reasoning ability instead of your background knowledge.  For example, the IQ Test might have questions that ask you to select the next number or shape in a sequence (based on your ability to find the pattern in a series of otherwise random numbers/shapes).  Another common question type on an IQ Test is the one where they will give words new definitions and then ask you to use them with their new definitions to make sense of the question.


            If you choose to take the IQ Test online and for fun, you will often find the test to take about 30 minutes to complete and it will be between 20 – 40 questions long.  However, if you choose to take an officially approved IQ Test, it will need to be administered by someone so you will likely be in a classroom setting.  These official IQ Tests are often timed and take two to three hours to complete.

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