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All About Mensa

            Mensa is an international organization, founded in 1946, as a society for individuals with an exceptionally high IQ Test result.  In fact, the only requirement for joining the Mensa organization is a score in the top 2% of a recognized IQ Test.  The organization, which is still strong today with over 100,000 members worldwide, fosters conversation and learning between its members in “round-table” type discussion forums as well as other venues.  Mensa serves as a meeting place for intellectuals with all different types of personalities and opinions.  Because of this, the organization itself refrains from taking a stand on anything – preferring instead to leave its opinions to the individual members of the organization.


While you might think that Mensa is simply a club for old scientists and mathematicians, it is actually based on the principle that anyone can join – regardless of race, age, religion, political views, profession, economic standing, etc.  There are Mensa members who have passed the IQ Tests on all six populated continents and from all walks of life.  Mensa members enjoy many different benefits, from stimulating newsletters to local gatherings to Special Interest Groups (SIGs).   However, one of the primary reasons that many people join the Mensa organization is to connect socially to other intelligent individuals like themselves and engage in stimulating conversation.  If you are interested in joining Mensa, the first step is to take an approved IQ Test (there is one available through Mensa for $40).  After scoring in the top 2%, all it takes is to pay the annual dues (currently $59 in the United States) and you are an official Mensa member.

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