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What Are IQ Score Ranges, and What Do They Mean?

          After taking an IQ Test, you are provided with a numeric score.  The score will tell you, based on the Test you just took, what your intelligence level is compared with the rest of the population.  While almost all IQ Tests will provide a score number, only the officially administered Tests will be accurately calibrated against a sample population.  However, even if you are taking an IQ Test just for fun online, these scores are generally relatively accurate indicators of how you performed that day.


          The numeric score given at the end of the IQ Test is usually a number between 70 and 140.  A score of exactly 100 will mean that you are of average intelligence – meaning that half of the test takers did better than you and half of the test takers did worse than you.  If your score is higher than 100, it means that you scored above average for that test, while a score of less than 100 indicates that you performed worse than average on that IQ Test. 


          Additionally, there are generally accepted ranges within the scoring model that indicate how good your score really is.  For example, if you scored 140 or above, you are considered a genius.  A score between 130 and 139 indicates that you are extremely gifted, while a score between 110 and 129 indicates an above average intelligence level.  Scores between 90 and 109 are often considered to be the normal range while scores less than 90 are considered below average intelligence levels.  Regardless of your score, remember that it is only based on one test and scores can change throughout your life.

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