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Can I Improve my IQ Score?


            Many people wish they had a higher IQ score, especially after taking the test the first time.  During your first IQ Test, you often do not perform as well as you could due to a number of factors, including unfamiliarity with the questions, not being sure what to expect, and overall test anxiety.  Additionally, you are in control of how agile your mental abilities are at different stages throughout your life – and it can change.  To help you improve your IQ Test results, use these key strategies.


·         Take practice tests. The more often you have to work through problems that are similar to those on an IQ Test, the more you will get used to the methodologies involved in solving them.  The best practice Tests to take are those that are both similar to the official IQ Test you plan on taking as well as those that provide answers and explanations to each question (otherwise, it is more difficult to learn from your mistakes).


·         Do something mentally stimulating every day.  In addition to taking practice tests, other types of mental stimulation can help you improve your IQ score (and watching TV does not count as mental stimulation!).  Try puzzles such as Sudoku or logic puzzles to help keep your brain sharp.


·         Calm your nerves on test day.  Many times test anxiety can lead to a lower IQ Test score than you are capable of.   Work on some breathing exercises and learn to calm your nerves so that they don’t interfere with your true potential.

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