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Brief Biographies of the People With the Highest IQs of All Time


            There are many people with high IQs – some of them are famous and some are not.  While IQ Tests were not available prior to the 1900s, many people have estimated the IQs of historical figures based on our knowledge of their achievements.  Here are some short biographies of individuals, both historical and from recent times, who have achieved the “genius” level of IQ status (an IQ Test score greater than 140).


Albert Einstein:  Born in 1879, Einstein was always curious about science and got a doctorate degree in Physics.  He published many papers that changed the scientific community throughout his life and broke down barriers with his research.  He was also married with two children.  He had an estimated IQ score of 160.


Bobby Fischer:  Born in Chicago in 1943, Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest chess players to ever compete.  He won eight United States Chess Championships and eleven World Chess Championships, his youngest at the age of 14.  He had an IQ Test score of 167 and spent the majority of his later years living in Iceland.


Sir Isaac Newton (190):  Born in 1693, Sir Isaac Newton had a profound effect on both society and science.  He grew up in England and achieved the top rank in his class at school to prove a school bully wrong.  In addition to his contributions to science, Newton was also a deeply religious man and wrote several publications of a religious nature.  One of his more famous contributions was the understanding of physics demonstrated by the Newton’s Cradle.  He is estimated to have had an IQ Test score of approximately 190, making him one of the most intelligent men the world has ever seen.

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