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IQ Test: Intelligence Test

Are you smart? Are you ready to test your IQ?
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What is the Classic IQ Quiz?
The Classic IQ Quiz is a fun IQ Test that you can take from the comfort of your own computer, and get your results within minutes. We've geared the Classic IQ Quiz for people age 18 and up, and it's meant to be fun, challenging, and accurate.

Is the Classic IQ Quiz free?
The Classic IQ Quiz is supported by advertising, so you will see some advertisements before you get your IQ Results. You are not required to sign up for any of our advertisers' offers in order to get your results. If you are not interested in their offers, you can just click "Skip" or "Pass" and get your results.

How long does it take to complete the Classic IQ Quiz and get the results?
There is no time limit on taking the Classic IQ Quiz. Some people complete the quiz very quickly, and others take their time. It's really up to you!

Where can I see the answers to the Classic IQ Quiz?
Our policy is to not give out all of the answers to our quiz. However, if you are really stumped on one or more of the questions and really want the answer, just contact us and we'll give you the specific answers you requested.

Is the Classic IQ Quiz scientifically accurate?
The Classic IQ Quiz is for entertainment purposes only. However, if you get a high score you will certainly be entitled to bragging rights. In order to take a scientifically accurate IQ Test, you would need to contact a licensed psychologist and find out how and where you can go to take such a test.

Am I allowed to take the Classic IQ Quiz more than once?
Sure, you can take the Classic IQ Quiz as many times as you like. Keep in mind, however, that if you start to memorize the answers to the questions the accuracy of the test will be affected. The best results are obtained the first time you take our test. If you feel you answered a question wrong and want to take the test again, though, that's fine.

Can i reproduce the IQ Test Questions and/or the "Learn About IQ Tests" articles that are on your website?
No. We own the copyright to all of the content on our website, and we do not allow anyone to use our content without our express written permission.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or comments about the Classic IQ Quiz?
You may contact us here.


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