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Comparing Fun IQ Tests and Psychologist-Approved IQ Tests


            There are two very different types of IQ Tests available these days:  those that are designed for entertainment purposes and those that are designed for serious testing purposes.  While you may want to take only one type of IQ Test or the other, it is often best to understand the difference so that you can make an informed decision.  Here is a quick comparison of the two to help you decide which type of IQ Test you should take.


Fun IQ Tests

·         These are commonly found online and consist of questions that are loosely modeled after the serious psychologist-approved IQ Tests.

·         The scoring mechanisms for these fun IQ Tests are generally not validated.

·         A common purpose for taking the fun IQ Tests online is to test your knowledge or compete against friends.


Psychologist-Approved IQ Tests

·         These IQ Tests are usually used for educational or employment placement purposes.  Some companies will use these as part of their interview process or to help select candidates for a special assignment.

·         Instead of being able to take the IQ Test online or at your own pace, these IQ Tests are timed and proctored by official administrators.  Often, the official IQ Tests are longer than those that are created for entertainment purposes and can last for a couple hours.

·         Scoring for an official IQ Test is based on very strictly calibrated evaluation and testing of sample populations to determine where the normal average should be set and what number of questions will equate to what score on the final exam.

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