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Top 10 Things to Know About IQ Tests

            You may think that you know what an IQ Test is, but do you really?  Check out these top ten must-know items about IQ Tests to find out.


1.    There are two types of IQ Tests available:  those that are primarily for fun and those that are psychologist-approved for testing purposes.


2.    An IQ Test is scored on a normalized scale range, with 100 being an average score.  A higher score indicates you are more intelligent while a lower score indicates that you are less intelligent.


3.    Most IQ Test questions are multiple choice, and if the test is administered by a psychologist it will be timed.


4.    The IQ Test was originally developed in 1904 to help children who were struggling in school.


5.    If you take an official IQ Test, it can often take one to three hours to complete and might have a large fee associated with taking the test.


6.    IQ Tests are generally not used for children less than sixteen years old since they are not considered accurate enough.  However, there are some specialized IQ Tests designed just for young children that can be used if needed.


7.    Some companies and organizations use the IQ Tests for their own purposes.  In the past, the Army has used IQ Tests for screening and Mensa currently uses high scores on IQ Tests as a means of admittance into their organization.


8.    Many IQ Test questions test logical ability in the test taker.


9.    Some people don’t trust the results of IQ Tests because they don’t believe that they accurately measure a person’s intelligence.


10. Your IQ score can change throughout your life, depending on your level of mental dexterity compared to your age level.

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